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Mauritius Museums Council (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture)
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Exhibition - Arrival of the Indentured Labourers

Start Time: November 10, 2016 15:00 | End Time: January 31, 2017 16:00
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To commemorate the 182nd Anniversary of the Arrival of the Indentured Labourers, the Mauritius Museums Council in collabaration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture has organised an Exhibition at the National History Museum, Mahebourg on 10 November 2016.Title of Exhibition is 'They came to Mauritian Shores', An Overview of the History of the Indentured Labourers in Colonial Mauritius.The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Hon. Santaram Baboo in the presence of H.E.Mr AbbayThakur, High Commossioner  of India and Hon. Mahen  Jugroo, Govt. Chief Whip.


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